Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Brand Spanking New Library

OK, so I've moved house and, for the first time in my life, I have a place where I can put all my books together. It's not quite complete, but this is the basic setup. The purple (excuse me, plum) armchair and ottoman arrived last week.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that's ace!

I'd love a proper library room! :D

Diane said...

I can picture myself being quite content in your space. Just give me a big overstuffed chair and a warm comforter for the winter. ENJOY!

downtown guy said...

Looks great! Do you keep them arranged alphabetically?

Kylie said...

Thanks all :)

The fiction books are in the two big bookcases, and they're arranged alphabetically (author surname).

The small corner one has all my Beatles books and the last couple of bookcases have more Beatles books and all my non-fiction stuff on the paranormal, and my reference books.

Anonymous said...

I now want to come live with you.

JRSM said...

Nice Wodehouse collection. But your David Mitchells have become seperated!

Pics of my own library: