Monday, September 8, 2008

Recently Acquired Books

John Brunner: Stand on Zanzibar
China Mieville: Perdido Street Station
William Makepeace Thackeray: Vanity Fair
Melina Marchetta: On the Jellicoe Road
Melina Marchetta: Saving Francesca
PG Wodehouse: Blandings Castle
PG Wodehouse: Full Moon
PG Wodehouse: The Heart of a Goof
PG Wodehouse: Leave it to Psmith
PG Wodehouse: Piccadilly Jim
PG Wodehouse: Ring for Jeeves
PG Wodehouse: Summer Lightning
PG Wodehouse: Ukridge
Markus Zusak: The Messenger


downtown guy said...

I'll be curious to see your thoughts on Perdido Street Station.

Kylie said...

Will do. I bought it on your recommendation so you'll be in for it if I don't like it! :)

downtown guy said...

I've suggested it to a lot of people and almost none of them liked it like I did, but those who enjoyed it REALLY enjoyed it. So, we'll see.