Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Books I've Read In 2007

What follows is a list of books I've read so far this year. They have a rating out of 10 next to them. I've also noted which books I've borrowed and, unless otherwise noted, I've read hard copies of all books. Reviews can be accessed through the archive to the right.

Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid's Tale 8/10
Austen, Jane: Emma 9/10
Barrie, JM: Peter Pan (ebook on iPod) 8/10
Bradbury, Ray: The Small Assassin 8/10
Bryson, Bill: A Walk in the Woods 8/10
Buchan, John: The Thirty-Nine Steps 6/10
Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange 10/10
Carroll, Lewis: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 8/10
Carroll, Lewis: Through the Looking-Glass (ebook on iPod) 8/10
Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch: Molvania 8/10
Coelho, Paulo: The Alchemist 4/10
Dahl, Roald: Danny the Champion of the World 8/10
Diane: Into My Life (Beatles fan fiction)
(ebook on iPod) 8/10
Dickens, Charles: A Christmas Carol 9/10
Dickens, Charles: Great Expectations 9/10
Dostoevsky, Fyodor: Crime and Punishment 8/10
Flannery, Tim (ed): The Birth of Sydney 8/10
Flannery, Tim (ed): The Explorers 8/10
Grossmith, George: Diary of a Nobody (ebook on iPod) 9/10
Haddon, Mark: A Spot of Bother 7/10
Kenny, Kathryn: Trixie Belden and the Marshland Mystery (#10) 10/10
Kerouac, Jack: The Town and the City 9/10
Kesey, Ken: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 10/10
King, Stephen: Different Seasons (borrowed from brother) 8/10
King, Stephen: Night Shift (borrowed from brother) 7/10
Lawrence, DH: Lady Chatterley's Lover (ebook on iPod) 6/10
Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan: Carmilla (ebook on iPod) 8/10
Lee, Harper: To Kill a Mockingbird 10/10
McEwan, Ian: Atonement 8/10
Mitchell, David: Cloud Atlas 6/10
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Anne of Green Gables (ebook on iPod) 8/10
Nabokov, Vladimir: Lolita 9/10
Plath, Sylvia: The Bell Jar 8/10
Rand, Ayn: Anthem (ebook on iPod) 7/10
Rowling, JK: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 10/10
Sewell, Anna: Black Beauty (ebook on iPod) 4/10
Steinbeck, John: Of Mice and Men 9/10
Stoker, Bram: Dracula 10/10
Thompson, Hunter S: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 9/10
Vonnegut, Kurt: Slaughterhouse-Five 9/10
Wells, HG: The Time Machine (ebook on iPod) 8/10
Wyndham, John: The Midwich Cuckoos 7/10

Books I've Re-read:
Dahl, Roald: Matilda 8/10
Dahl, Roald: The Twits 8/10
Rowling, JK: Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone 8/10
Rowling, JK: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets 8/10
Rowling, JK: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban 8/10
Rowling, JK: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire 9/10
Rowling, JK: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix 8/10
Rowling, JK: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince 8/10
Wylie, Jonathan: The Lightless Kingdom (Book 2, Unbalanced Earth) 8/10
Wylie, Jonathan: The Age Of Chaos (Book 3, Unbalanced Earth) 8/10

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