Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BTT: Heroes and Heroines

(From 28 February 2008): Who is your favourite female lead character? And why?
My favourite female lead character is Ellie Linton, who appears in John Marsden's Tomorrow... series and also in the follow-up series, The Ellie Chronicles. Ellie more or less becomes the leader of her group of friends when Australia is invaded by another country. She's tough, ballsy and doesn't take crap from anyone. Her friends look to her for ideas and she often gets them out of life-threatening situations (she sometimes gets them into life-threatening situations as well, but part of why she's so great is because she's human and has faults). She's brave and doesn't shy away from doing the tough jobs. She's quite a role model for young women.

(From 6 March 2008): Who is your favourite male lead character? And why?
Mr Darcy . What a gorgeous guy (and I'm picturing Colin Firth as I say that, of course). Need I say more? The perfect man. I also quite like the bumbling Charles Pooter of George Grossmith's The Diary of a Nobody, one of the funniest stories I've ever read. He is a classic character of literature.

Woohoo! I'm only 2 BTTs behind! There's hope for me yet.

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Nichola said...

Hi Kylie, I'm just stopping by again to say I'm enjoying reading your blog - I ought to stay away from your book challenge lists though as they've put so many ideas in my head as to what I want to read next and I really should concentrate on books I already own instead of buying more!