Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm an Amazing Blogger!

Kell has very kindly bestowed upon me the above award. What an honour! Especially coming from Kell, who has an incredible blog herself over at Life Gets in the Way.

Apparently I now have to confess seven weird or random facts about myself. Well, here goes!

1. I love almost everything about the 60s: music, fashion, cars, the peace movement. It is my greatest regret in life that I was not born several decades earlier. Instead, I got to be born in the early 80s; the decade with the worst music, fashion etc. I also love old movies (prior to 60s as well).

2. I can't roll my 'r's. It's completely unfathomable to me how people do it and I would love to be able to do it but have never managed it. I just kind of go 'llll' instead.

3. I had a lot of trouble learning to tie my shoelaces when I was little. I could never manage to do it the way everyone else did it (I still can't figure it out!) I found my own way instead, and I think it's much simpler than what everyone else does. I have recently found out that my way is called 'bunny ears'.

4. My favourite food has always been meat pies. Usually plain, but sometimes potato. And always with tomato sauce on the plain, but never on the potato (for some strange reason!).

I'm quite particular about what chips I eat (hot chips). I don't like them too cooked or undercooked, and I avoid the crunchy ones and ones with pointy ends. So: soft, golden brown and square ends, please! I'll eat the others, but generally leave them till last in case I get full. Luckily my Mum is the opposite so we work well together when eating chips!

6. I loathe cheese and can only tolerate it when it's melted (and then I love it!). If I get a burger with unmelted cheese sticking out the sides, I have to pull it off but leave the melted part in the middle. My Mum once tricked me into eating a cheeseburger that she accidentally bought by telling me it was butter. Oh, how young and naive I was!

7. I was once in a school production where I dressed in overalls and danced to 'Karma Chameleon' as part of Boy George and the Culture Club (one of the guys dressed up as Boy George). In other school productions, I have dressed up at different times as a fairy in the Nutcracker, a beach ball in Santa's toy workshop, a crow in an Aboriginal dreamtime story, and Jesus.

OK, now that I've let you in on all my deep, dark secrets, it's time to pass this award on! I'm not sure how many people I'm supposed to pass it on to, and at any rate, most of the blogs I frequent (which isn't very many) have already received the award. So I'm just going to pass it on to one blog that I think is particularly awesome. And the winner is...(drum-roll please)...

A wonderfully unique book blog full of quirky book news and interesting ideas. I wish my blog was half as interesting! Described by the owner as 'Gadgets for readers. Bookish products every book lover will lust for!'

Congrats, and thanks again to Kell!

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