Friday, July 13, 2007

The Age Of Chaos by Jonathan Wylie

Rating: 8/10

Published: 1989
Number of pages: 352
ISBN: 055213418X

Started: 4 June 2007
Finished: 10 June 2007

Summary (taken from blurb):
On the southern continent, history has reached a turning point, and the struggle for the future is reaching its climax.

Now that Gemma has at last come to terms with the powers within her, and the role she has to play, she believes that it is possible for her to change what is to come, and thus avert the terrible devastation threatened by the Age of Chaos.

With Arden at her side once more, and aided by a force that includes the meyrkats, the people of the Lightless Kingdom and the Undergound, Gemma faces her ultimate battle.

This is Book 3 of the Unbalanced Earth trilogy. Another good read. See the review of Book 2 for my comments about this trilogy.

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