Friday, February 1, 2008

Recently Acquired Books and Books Added to Wish List

A few books have recently come into my possession:

ER Braithwaite: To Sir, With Love
Anthony Burgess: 1985
Vladimir Nabokov: Nabokov's Dozen

And a few more books have been added to my wish list (all are dystopians except for Hell's Angels):

Patrick Califia: Doc and Fluff
Andrew Keogh: Twentytwelve (author's blog here - buy his book!)
China MiƩville: Perdido Street Station
Hunter S Thompson: Hell's Angels
Jack Womack: Elvissey

Califia, MiƩville and Womack have all been inspired by reviews I read at the Epic Dystopia blog. It's an excellent blog and an awesome quest to undertake! If I didn't have so many 'other' books to read as well, I'd dedicate myself exclusively to dystopians. It's fascinating reading other people's views on what the future will bring.

I'd like to try my hand at writing a dystopian novel one day. I already have a few ideas floating around; it's just a matter of piecing them all together into a coherent story (it would be for my eyes only of course - I would never expect to get it published!)

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downtown guy said...

Hey, I'm really looking forward to see your take on those. I warn you, though - Doc and Fluff is, in parts, just straight up violent porn. But it's worth it, just for the oddness of the whole thing.