Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What Will Life be Like in the Year 2008?

I found an interesting blog containing scans of an article written by James R Berry in 1968 for Mechanix Illustrated. It contains his predictions for 40 years into the future, which would make it...right about now (funk soul brother). Check it out (now):

40 Years in the Future

Some predictions are eerily true (GPS, internet) while others are a bit off the mark. I love the accompanying illustrations. Very Jetsons-esque. Man, I love that cartoon! I have the first season on DVD but I really want that episode that does a take on Dickens' A Christmas Carol. When, oh when, are we going to be able to fly to work?

The dome in the pic also reminds me a little of Arthur C Clarke's 1956 The City and the Stars, one of my fave sci-fi novels, in which the city of Diaspar is completely enclosed in a huge dome. As far as the residents know (not that they care or give it much thought), they are the only humans left on earth. A terrific read. I think it has dystopian elements to it as well - I'm not quite sure why it isn't on Wikipedia's giant list of dystopian literature. It's certainly more worthy of the title than some of the others they've got on there! That books is well overdue for another re-read.

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